Building on our four decades of experience in the employee benefits industry, Mesirow Financial’s Employee Benefits practice offers best-of-breed, cutting-edge, integrated human resources solutions designed to help you succeed.
Independent Minds
Our professionals focus on enhancing benefits programs, streamlining administration, bringing cutting-edge technology to your door, keeping you aware of compliance and legislative requirements and increasing employees’ awareness and appreciation of their benefits.
Innovative Solutions
Our Employee Benefits Practice recognizes that there are many essential elements of human resources management that need ongoing, proactive attention. Our role as your solutions-oriented partner includes delivery of efficiencies that help you save money and make your job easier, so you can focus on more strategic human resources issues.

Some of the efficiencies we deliver are integrated with our more traditional benefits brokerage services, while others are new and innovative.

Not just a benefits broker, we welcome the opportunity to serve as your number one choice for integrated HR solutions.

Wellness Solutions
Watch what our clients have to say about our wellness solutions.

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