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Consumer Pulse Still Beating

Retail sales rose 1.1% in March, following upward revisions to February, as consumers came out of hibernation and began to spend again. Vehicle sales were particularly robust, as consumers returned to dealer showrooms and tapped the pent-up demand built during the worst months of winter. We also saw strong gains in building materials and garden [...]

Retail Sales Warmed up in February

Retail sales rose 0.3% in February as consumers dared to venture out after hibernating for much of January when sales fell even more than expected: 0.6%. Gains in big-ticket items like vehicles and furniture, combined with a comeback for sporting goods (which were hit by weather-related weakness in January), more than offset persistent losses at [...]

Human Hibernation Hits Retailers

Retail sales dropped 0.4% in January, with vehicle sales exacerbating the declines. Consumers hibernated in their homes during the severe ice, snow and subzero temperatures in January, venturing out only briefly to visit malls and restaurants. That added insult to injury to sectors that tend to be weak in January anyway. The only exceptions were [...]

Harsh Weather Prompts Spending on Winter Clothing, Food

Retail sales rose a modest 0.2% in December, as unusually harsh winter weather put a lid on foot traffic at car dealers. Sales excluding motor vehicles and parts were up a much more respectable 0.7%, as early snow and freezing temperatures left consumers scrambling to snap up coats and sweaters and stock up at grocery [...]

Retail Gains Overall; Traditional Holiday Spending Weak

Retail sales jumped 0.7% in November, and were revised up for the month of October. Vehicles sales drove the gains, with a whopping 10.9% increase from the same month last year, after lackluster gains in October. The rise in core (non-auto, non-gasoline) trade sales also rose a healthy 0.6%, after being revised up the month [...]

Retail Sales Rise in Response to Discounts

Retail sales rose a stronger-than-expected 0.4% in October, while the data for September were revised up slightly. The biggest gains were in vehicle,  furniture, electronics and appliance store sales.  Some of the rise in vehicle sales may be attributed to the mix of vehicles sold, as consumers moved back into larger (and more expensive) SUVs [...]

Retail Sales Slightly Weaker in September

Retail sales declined 0.1% in September, confirming a broader deceleration in consumer spending prior to the government shutdown. Vehicle sales, clothing and department store sales were hit the hardest; back-to-school spending was particularly weak. Some of that may be attributed to the sharp drop in birth rates we have seen since 2008; statistics show we [...]

Resolution without Solution

Wall Street has largely turned a deaf ear to the raging debate on Capitol Hill. Main Street, however, has not. The economy has suffered a direct blow from the government shutdown, some of which cannot be recouped as we saw in the wake of the 1995-96 government shutdowns. The pain is likely to persist as [...]

Headline Retail Sales Understate Gains; PPI Contained

Retail sales rose 0.2% in August, after being revised up in July. Retail sales excluding vehicles and core retail sales were up 0.1% but were also revised up last month. The net result is a slightly better reading on consumer spending than it would appear at first glance.

Retail Sales Edge Higher

Retail sales rose 0.2% in July after being revised up to 0.6% from a previously reported increase of 0.4% in June. The net effect put retail sales in line with market expectations and suggests, along with recent trade and inventory data, that the upward revisions to the second quarter will be substantial. Vehicle sales fell [...]