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Trade Deficit Shrinks as Exports of Goods Improve

The latest data on international trade for the month of September show some positive developments for the U.S. economy. The goods and services deficit dropped by $7.2 billion, from $48 billion in August to $40.8 billion in September, in a movement that reflects both advances in exports and declines in imports, despite the relative strong [...]

Summer Swoon Transitory

Real GDP growth slipped to a 1.5% pace in the third quarter after averaging nearly 4% in the second quarter. A sharp drawdown in inventories and a widening trade deficit accounted for the bulk of that weakness.

Trade Deficit Widens as Emerging Economies Sputter

The trade deficit widened in August to $48.3 billion, up from a revised $41.8 billion in July, in a further sign that weakness abroad is creating headwinds for the American domestic economy. Exports declined by 2%,

Growth in 2Q Revised Much Higher

The economy expanded at a revised 3.7% pace in the second quarter, almost 1.5% stronger than initial estimates for the period. The changes were driven by a strong upward revision to business investment. Commercial construction activity was particularly strong, while the contraction in equipment spending is now significantly less than initially reported.

Yuan Devaluation: Nod to Markets or Currency Manipulation?

Last week the Chinese central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), announced a change in its exchange rate-setting mechanism that resulted in a de facto devaluation of the yuan, which dropped by more than 4% by the end of the week. The decision was widely interpreted as a deliberate attempt to weaken the currency, [...]

Trade Deficit Narrows

The trade deficit narrowed more than expected in April to a negative $40.9 billion from a negative $50.6 billion in March (after some revisions). Both exports and imports contributed to the more favorable outcome.

GDP Slips into the Red

Real GDP fell by 0.7% in the first quarter, almost one percent lower than initial estimates. The bulk of the slowdown may be attributed to a smaller-than-initially-reported buildup in inventories, slower consumer spending and stronger imports. The only upside revision was to residential investment, which reflects the glimmer of light we have seen in housing [...]

Q1 GDP to Show Hit from Trade Deficit

The trade deficit widened dramatically in March as containers that had been stockpiled during labor disputes at West Coast ports were finally unloaded and made room for new shipments. Indeed, almost all of the increase in imports came from Asia,

Trade Improves for the Wrong Reasons

The trade deficit narrowed much more than expected in the month of February as imports plummeted more rapidly than exports. Much of that movement can be attributed to labor disagreements between management and longshore workers. Work stoppages at West Coast ports, where a large share of imports are unloaded and shipped to end users (largely [...]

Trade Deficit Balloons

The U.S. trade deficit unexpectedly widened to $46.6 billion in December from $39.8 billion in November. The data for November were revised to show a slightly larger deficit than was initially reported. Exports fell, while imports picked up a bit. Much of that shift was concentrated in trade with Canada and Mexico,