Mesirow Financial's Credit Tenant Lease Finance and Structured Debt Products professionals arrange and structure long-term financing at the most competitive available terms for real estate owners and developers. Our team works alongside our in-house Institutional Sales and Trading team, one of the nation's most experienced and product-diverse fixed income platforms in the nation, to provide clients with the highest level of service and the best available terms.
Independent Minds
With more than 25 years of nationwide transaction experience, our Credit Tenant Lease Finance and Structured Debt Products team works collaboratively with our fixed income sales and trading, real estate and public finance teams in order to structure loans with optimal financing terms. Our proven experience, unique distribution capacity, diverse perspectives and turnkey approach provide our clients with a distinct advantage in the Credit Tenant Lease Finance and Structured Debt Products marketplace.

The Mesirow Financial CTL Advantage

Innovative Solutions
CTL financing is an alternative source of financing for real estate assets supported by tenants with investment-grade credit. CTL financing offers real estate owners and developers the opportunity for better terms and faster execution for construction, acquisition and refinance loans.

Typical transactions often include the following credit tenants:

  • Retail including drug, home improvement, grocery, big box and convenience stores and bank branches
  • Government including U.S. Federal (G.S.A., V.A., F.B.I., etc.), municipal (states, cities, counties) and quasi-governmental (authorities, park districts, etc.)
  • Institutional including healthcare (medical offices, administrative buildings, clinics), education (universities, colleges) and cultural
  • Corporate including single-tenant offices, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and data centers
  • Non-rated or below investment-grade credits available on a case-by-case basis