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At Mesirow Financial, we rely on the experience and leadership of our executives to assist clients in navigating the path toward their unique investment goals. In 2013, market uncertainty made for an interesting investment environment, creating both challenges and opportunities. Hear insights from our executives on key factors that impacted markets in 2013, and what they expect to see in 2014.
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One of the largest Chicago-based broker-dealers for institutions and other financial entities offering fixed income sales and trading, public finance, credit tenant lease finance, investment banking and sale-leaseback capital.
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One of Chicago's largest independent insurance consultants and among the top 40 in the nation, offering property and casualty, employee benefits, life and disability, private client insurance and structured settlements.
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Diane Swonk's Themes on the Economy
Diane Swonk examines the value of a college degree and what it means for this generation's earning potential
image of portfolio on desk
The IRS recently announced qualified retirement plan limits for 2014
Adolfo Laurenti's Themes on the Global Markets
Chief International Economist Adolfo Laurenti weighs the economic costs associated with a breakup of the United Kingdom after more than 300 years together