Mesirow Financial Institutional Real Estate (MFIRE) provides institutional investors access to top-tier, value-added and opportunistic real estate private equity managers who have the skills and resources to add value at the property level.
Independent Minds
MFIRE, Multi-Manager team facts:
  • More than 160 years real estate experience
  • Currently manages nearly $400 million in assets
  • Has participated in the due diligence of over $65 billion worth of real estate transactions, both internationally and domestically
Innovative Solutions
MFIRE has developed strategies domestically, internationally and globally, offering institutional investors the opportunity to capitalize on the attractive, uncorrelated return potential of private real estate with multiple layers of diversification. We strive to accomplish this goal by sorting through the universe of real estate fund managers in order to find the best partners. The result is a broadly diversified portfolio, which would otherwise be unattainable by our investors due to lack of resources, access or capital.

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