For 20 years, Mesirow Financial's Sale-Leaseback Capital group has been a nationally recognized leader for providing sale-leaseback capital.
Independent Minds
Our professionals have more than 90 years of combined experience in all aspects of sale-leaseback financing, specializing in working with corporate management teams in unlocking the hidden value of their real estate holdings.

Sale-Leaseback Capital Team

Innovative Solutions
Sale-leaseback financing allows corporations to use and control essential real estate without employing vast sums of debt and equity capital into an illiquid asset class. A form of off-balance-sheet financing, a sale-leaseback allows owners to sell the property and immediately lease it back from the buyer, unlocking capital that can then be deployed in more productive ways:
  • Reinvest into existing operations
  • Finance growth and/or expansion plans
  • Make an acquisition
  • Pay down debt
  • Engage in investment diversification strategies (long-term estate planning)
  • Reallocate capital into more productive uses
Properly executed, a sale-leaseback transaction can:
  • Unlock corporate capital trapped in real estate
  • Provide longer-term capital (10 to 25 years) than is generally available from traditional debt sources
  • Come at a cost comparable to debt financing and substantially less than the cost of equity
  • Result in off-balance sheet treatment for generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) purposes