Our national consultants are skilled in all phases of a structured settlement-from design to negotiation to implementation. Our professionals specialize in disputing claims ranging from workers' compensation, medical malpractice, general liability, environmental or labor issues.
Independent Minds
The professionals in our Structured Settlements Practice are specialists in settlement planning. They understand the importance of innovative thinking and perseverance in developing and managing a settlement, and their experience and knowledge enables them to successfully manage every aspect of this complex transaction.

Structured Settlements Team

Innovative Solutions
Many structured settlement providers simply sell annuities; this isn't the case at Mesirow Financial Structured Settlements. Below is an overview of our full spectrum of services, which are generally not available from other structured settlement providers:
  • Early involvement program, giving us the chance to help you early and often.
  • Claim management and analysis, including life planning evaluation, to determine the cost of future losses according to both parties' future projections.
  • Legal strategy assistance, from our skilled negotiators throughout every step of the settlement process.
  • Administrative and technical support, including standardized case processing, weekly case tracking, proposal verification and monthly internal file audits.
  • Educational services, including training sessions, seminars, resource materials and research.
  • Financial analysis, that assesses the strength of the carrier and investments.