Fostering Inclusion to Benefit Employees and Clients

Mesirow Financial has long been committed to diversity and inclusion in our workplace. We're continually focused on creating and maintaining an inclusive work environment for the benefit of our employees and our clients.

Workforce Inclusion
Through a focus on talent acquisition, we strive to maintain an employee base that reflects the diverse opinions that are key to business growth and that enable us to serve current and future clients. We attract a broader candidate pipeline through new and non-traditional sources and focus on continual staff development.

We are also a member of the Financial Services Pipeline, an initiative committed to improving diversity in the financial services industry.

Workplace Optimization
A workplace that welcomes the thoughts and ideas of employees to create an inclusive environment engages and retains employees. Through culture awareness training, collaboration with our existing employee resource groups and continued review of our workplace processes, Mesirow Financial strives to enhance our cultural competency.

Marketplace Solutions
Through leveraging our current relationships and creating new relationships, we can expand our diversity footprint and exposure in underrepresented markets. We focus on professional, business and academic partnerships and participate in programs that recognize our diversity commitment.

We also understand that having a diverse supplier pool benefits our communities and our company. Whenever the opportunity arises, we actively seek out diverse suppliers, including minority groups (MFE), women (WBE), veteran and service disabled veteran (SDV), lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and small businesses (SBE) that can provide competitive, high-quality goods and services to our firm.