Norman Awards

We honor our founder Norman Mesirow by recognizing employees whose commitment and excellence contribute to the culture, spirit and success of Mesirow Financial. These awards focus on employees’ accomplishments in several areas including business development, client service (both internal and external), innovation and social responsibility. Most importantly, they are based on nominations by peers.

Mondi "Leadership Through Energy" Award: Phil Babcock and Sophia Weisberg

Both Phil and Sophia demonstrate exceptional knowledge of our firm, an understanding of our culture and goals, and a strong desire to excel as a member of our Accounting and Wealth Advisor teams, respectively.

Client Solutions Award: Matt Olsen

Matt has been an integral factor in the success of our CTL Finance and Structured Debt Products team.

Client Servicing Award: Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins, Corporate Travel, exemplifies Mesirow's commitment to providing the highest standard of client service. 

Citizenship Award: Kelli Caudill

Kelli actively works side-by-side with numerous nonprofits and organizations, lending her expertise and expanding our web of impact.


Price Collaboration Award: Taryn Gluskin, Katie Kimble and Linda Matza

Our Marketing and Corporate Communications teams' energy and commitment to always go the extra mile have further enabled our business teams to meet their clients' needs.


Tyree Solution Award: Michelle Bean, David Egan, Emily Griffin

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are some of our strongest values exemplified by our former CEO. HR's David, Emily and Michelle have shown leadership by initiating new processes that enhance our firm.