Norman Awards

We honor our founder Norman Mesirow by recognizing employees whose commitment and excellence contribute to the culture, spirit and success of Mesirow Financial. These awards focus on employees’ accomplishments in several areas including business development, client service (both internal and external), innovation and social responsibility. Most importantly, they are based on nominations by peers.

Emerging Professional Award: Ben Atkinson

Ben demonstrates exceptional knowledge of our firm, an understanding of our culture and goals, and a strong desire to excel as a member of the IS&T team.

Client Solutions Award: Gateway Casinos Team

Members of our Institutional Sales & Trading, Sale Leaseback Capital and Credit Tenant Lease teams put our clients first through our Gateway Casinos transaction.

Client Servicing Award: Irene Eliacostas

Irene Eliacostas in our Institutional Sales & Trading group exemplifies Mesirow's commitment to providing the highest standard of client service. 

Price Collaboration Award: Katie Seeman

Katie Seeman's energy and commitment to always willing to give a hand and go the extra mile have further enabled our business teams to meet their client needs.

Citizenship Award: PrideConnect Steer Co.

Between participating in volunteer events to internally raising awareness through their "Mesirow Proud" campaign, this team has established their presence and have made us all proud.


Price Collaboration Award: Legal & Compliance Team

Our Legal & Compliance team has exemplified collaboration and teamwork to help bring in acquisitions and brainstorm new ideas to assist in safely and legally getting us to where we are today.


Tyree Solution Award: Greg Emery

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are some of our strongest values exemplified by our former CEO. IT's Greg Emery has shown leadership by initiating new processes that enhance our firm.