Meet Carl, Assistant Vice President, Manager of Corporate Recuitment

"I work to identify qualified candidates for each line of business and support them through the entire hiring process. My end-goal is to watch our business benefit from having the right people in place."

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 In the beginning..

When did you begin your Mesirow career?

July 5, 2016.

What drew you to Mesirow?

I was drawn to the fact that it's employee-owned with a sterling reputation.

Tell us about the evolution of your career here at Mesirow:

I was hired as a senior recruiter and promoted to recruitment manager my first year. After my second year, I was promoted to assistant vice president, manager of recruitment.

When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in recruitment?

I had always been in sales but after finding a recruitment role, I fell in love with the field and continue to love what I do. Having the chance to help individuals find what they enjoy and are good at inspires me to come to work every day. I enjoy assisting each candidate in finding the perfect role and find it rewarding to see them benefit from my efforts as a career coach.

How he spends his time...

Tell us about your role:

I partner with all lines of business within Mesirow with the goal of providing world-class recruitment to my internal clients. I work to identify qualified candidates for each line of business and support both the team and candidate through the entire hiring process. My end-goal is to watch our firm benefit from having the right people in place.

What inspires you to come to work each day?

I am inspired by making certain my clients, and their potential new colleagues, experience the best possible service and take the pain out of finding the proper resource. Providing leadership and guidance to my team really energizes me, too.

Let's talk recruitment...

What advice would you give someone who has an upcoming Mesirow interview? On the flip-side, what advice would you give someone who's interested in this career?
I would encourage you to do your due diligence and research both the role and the firm. If the requirements of the role spark your interest, provide an honest assessment of what you can bring to the team with a possible plan of action. That will take you far in the interview process and allow you to hit the ground running once you join the team.

What skills are important for someone in your role?

The most important skill would be a willingness to keep the lines of communication open and be the kind of person who is energized by engaging with individuals all day long. I think you need to be a good judge of character and rely on your persuasion skills, if needed. Also, no fear of rejection!

Can you share a success story with us?

While working to fill an open position, I met an individual who had been with his firm for many years and felt he was at the pinnacle of his position with no room for growth. He was a dynamic individual and we extended an offer to him, which he turned down upon receiving a counter-offer from his current firm. He called me, and I had one shot to connect with him. We walked through his options and I listened. What would this mean for his career? What kind of company did he want to align himself with? He went back and resigned and joined Mesirow this past April!

What's uniquely Mesirow...

What does "Mesirow" mean to you?

Mesirow is a culture of collaboration without "hierarchy stuffiness," which is not something you usually find within a firm our size.

What would you tell a new hire?

We have been in business for more than 80 years and that means something. We are employee-owned; our interests are aligned with our clients. This fosters a collaborative culture. I think our community outreach is truly impressive. Our values are reflective in our actions and this unique culture contributes to our overall success.

Carl after five o'clock...

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of work:

I come from a very large and loving family. My father was a very successful record producer and it afforded him to raise us in a culture that would benefit us years down the road. It also taught me to treat everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of status. My mother passed away when I was five years old and I was raised by my dad. He has had a profound impact on everything I do. In fact, we honored and celebrated his legacy here at Mesirow during last year's Black History Month!

What is your mantra?

Work as if it were your name on the shingle.

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