Meet Carlos, Nigel and Ruhama

"As someone just starting their career, it is incredible to be surrounded by professionals willing to help and share their expertise."

Meet their colleagues

About Mesirow's Rotational Program:
Our two-year rotational program, created for recent grads, consist of four six-month rotations across our alternative direct and traditional investment management businesses. In keeping with the ever-growing needs of our clients, we are committed to building a diverse workforce enabling individuals to utilize their unique backgrounds, skills, knowledge and ideas to help create the best possible solutions and tailored products.

In the beginning…

What drew you to Mesirow?

Carlos: Joining Mesirow was a highly attractive opportunity for me, due to the experienced teams that make up the Investment Management group. The role I was pursuing would also allow me to gain experience in a few different asset classes and groups, which I found attractive in a first job out of college.

Nigel: Mesirow has an amazing company culture, a reputation for excellence and does wonderful things in the community through its charitable donations and community service initiatives.

When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in Investment Management?

Carlos: I began pursuing business as a career in high school, mainly because I was offered the opportunity to enroll in a few accounting and management courses. In college, I narrowed it down to Investment Management once I had a greater understanding of the available career paths through academics, classes and internships.

Ruhama: During my undergraduate career, I majored in Economics. I held an internship with Wells Fargo that helped me narrow my interests within the different divisions in financial services.

How they spend their time…

Tell us about your role:

Nigel: I currently work with Mesirow’s Institutional Real Estate Direct Investment team. In my role, I assist with acquisitions and dispositions, as well as the asset management aspect of the Real Estate Direct business.

Ruhama: I’m an Investment Management analyst, rotating between Equity Management, Direct Real Estate, Private Equity and Fixed Income. Currently, I’m working with Equity Management. I’ve been looking at different stocks to add to our portfolio through valuation and research.

What inspires you to come to work each day?

Carlos: I have always been motivated by learning and look forward to increasing my knowledge of the market and understanding fluctuations; in this instance, through a fixed income lens. All the members in the Fixed Income group are helpful and always available in case I have any questions.

Nigel: I am excited by the opportunity to work with world-class professionals, gaining knowledge and experience in an industry that will benefit my career in the future. 

Let’s talk finance…

What excites you about the Investment Management space?

Carlos: The entrepreneurial aspect of it. You have the opportunity to step up and find potential assets that will benefit our clients and the firm.

Ruhama: For me, it’s knowing that no one is 100% knowledgeable in this field, which means that you’re constantly learning something new. I’ve always been passionate about learning and this field gives me an opportunity to learn every day.

What skills are important for someone in your role?

Carlos: An understanding of fundamental and intermediate finance, accounting and economic concepts, as well as the ability to analyze data and trends. My role largely focuses on being able to understand macro and industry trends, so being able to piece the data together to form an explanation is key.

Ruhama: I would say attention to detail and having an open mind are two key skills for this position. There are a lot of moving parts in equity management; it’s always good to keep an open mind. 

Tell us about a success story:

Nigel: I enjoyed being able to tour a property we are in the process of acquiring. Physically seeing the assets and observing what is involved in the due diligence process was exciting.

Ruhama: Within my first couple of weeks at work, I worked on stock research from beginning to end, which was then added to our portfolio.

What’s uniquely Mesirow…

Tell us about something that is unique to Mesirow:

Carlos: After being here for over a month and attending the State of the Organization meeting, it is clear the company is dedicated to its employees and vice versa. This is very visible through group performance and new company initiatives.

Nigel: The culture and the wonderful people that work at Mesirow make it unique. As someone just starting their career, it's incredible to be surrounded by professionals willing to help and share their expertise.

Ruhama: I’ve already been able to sit down with senior leaders and have conversations with them. I don't think other firms usually allow for this sort of opportunity. 

What would you tell a new hire?

Carlos: Mesirow is a private company that is focused on growth and performance. Joining the firm means being a part of a close hard-working group, as well as an overall larger organization, all aiming for the same goals.

Nigel: Mesirow is an amazing firm with a truly unique culture and a track record for excellence. What separates Mesirow from the pack is the strong relationships we have with our clients as well as the quality of our products.

Ruhama: The culture is my favorite part about working here. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to help you succeed!

Carlos, Nigel and Ruhama after five o’clock…

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of work:

Carlos: I come from a large family with a passion for food, so I enjoy cooking and eating Mexican food! Otherwise, I love reading, playing basketball and listening to a variety of music.

Nigel: I have lived in six different states. I have a giant schnauzer named Indigo. I enjoy playing lacrosse, going to concerts, cooking (and eating), and I am a car enthusiast.

Ruhama: My hometown is Nashville and I have two younger sisters. I enjoy cooking and trying new foods. I like to travel and have been to 15 different countries!

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