Institutional Sales and Trading

Providing sophisticated market analysis, superior service, attractive investment opportunities and market liquidity to serve the unique needs of your institution.

Our Story

Mesirow Financial’s Institutional Sales and Trading group is comprised of over 150 dedicated traders, salespeople and analysts highly specialized in a variety of sectors of the fixed income market.

The cornerstone of our work is providing sophisticated market analysis, excellent service and customized investment solutions based on the needs of your institution. We have the capability and the willingness to commit capital on your behalf.

Trading and Distribution

Major desks in Municipals, Mortgages, Rates/Agencies and Credit Products are located across the United States.

Innovative Products

We offer a diverse inventory of investment products and originate investments through our capital markets division.

Market Intelligence

Our clients benefit from a deep team of industry-leading credit specialists in macro-municipal trends and investment-grade credit.

Our Approach

An extremely experienced team, each with decades of client relationships, ensures that the seller and buyer are always connected.

News and Views

OPEC's Dead Cat Bounce

Com Crocker, managing director, writes in Forbes that, contrary to popular opinion, the future will prove that this past week has only been a dead cat bounce for OPEC.


"Government Bonds Pounded by Inflation Fears"

Com Crocker, managing director, discusses the potential impact of central banks' willingness to tolerate inflation.


Com Crocker Dispels Five Myths About the Fed

Following last week's announcement, Com Crocker explains why five commonly held beliefs about the Fed are myths.


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