Compensation Plan Design

While qualified plans, like 401(k)s, are limited by substantial government restrictions, nonqualified deferred compensation plans are bounded only by a few basic rules. That's why we tailor-build plans from the ground up. You gain a custom design solution to implement on your own, or with our assistance.

Our Process
We take an interactive approach to benefit plan design, and seek an effective and cost-efficient program for each client.

1) We begin by understanding your company's unique situation, needs and goals, then analyze your current compensation and benefit offerings in light of:

  • Your organization's benefit philosophy and objectives
  • Government restrictions
  • Current competitive environment

2) We typically solicit input from your senior staff in:

  • Human Resources
  • Treasury
  • Legal
  • Communications

3) Focusing on a number of specific compensation and benefits needs, we analyze the financial impact of alternative solutions to devise one that best matches your objectives.

4) Working closely with company management, we develop parameters for gauging the plan's success, emphasizing the balance between benefits and costs.

5) We provide on-going and comprehensive client service, including online plan management.


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