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Our Insurance Division joined Alliant and can offer clients a national platform and enhanced resources.

With a history dating back to 1925, Alliant Insurance Services is one of the nation’s leading distributors of diversified insurance products and services. Operating through a national network of offices, Alliant offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to clients.

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Leadership Team

The same leadership team will continue to work with and advise our clients, including:

John Harney

Michelle Gurgone

Brian Diedrich

Mark Kmety

Michael Mackey

Norman Malter

Dana Mikstay

Linda Price

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Insurance services offered through Mesirow Insurance Services, Inc., an Alliant-owned company (“Alliant/Mesirow”).
Insurance proposals issued by Alliant/Mesirow are outlines of coverage offered by insurers. Alliant/Mesirow relies upon information provided by clients/prospects when preparing these proposals. If changes need to be made, please notify your Alliant/Mesirow professional immediately. All changes are subject to review and acceptance by the insurance company. Proposals do not constitute a contract and do not include all of the terms, coverage, exclusions, limitations or conditions of the actual contract language. The policies themselves must be read for those details. For your reference, policy forms will be made available upon request.In addition to fees, commissions or other compensation retained by Alliant/Mesirow, it is understood that in some circumstances other parties necessary to arrange placement of coverage may earn usual and customary commissions and/or fees in the course of providing insurance products.
In addition, as is a common practice in the industry, Alliant/Mesirow benefits from programs implemented by certain insurers, wholesale brokers (property & casualty) and administrators (benefits) providing for compensation, in addition to commissions and fees, to be paid to Alliant/Mesirow Insurance Services based upon differing factors. This additional compensation may include non-cash awards and benefits. The insurance you purchase through Alliant/Mesirow may be issued by an insurer, wholesale broker (property & casualty) or administrator (benefits) who has such a program. Further, Alliant/Mesirow may receive fees from premium finance transactions (property & casualty). Additionally, Alliant/Mesirow may share non-identifiable commercial insurance program data with third-parties for benchmarking purposes (property & casualty).  
Mesirow Financial maintains a financial interest in and a strategic relationship with Alliant/Mesirow Insurance Services.