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Building on our four decades of experience in the employee benefits industry, Mesirow Financial’s Employee Benefits practice offers best-of-breed, cutting-edge, integrated human resources solutions designed to help you succeed.

About Us

Mesirow Financial recognizes there are many essential elements of human resource management that need ongoing, proactive attention. Our role as your solutions-oriented partner includes delivery of efficiencies that help you save money and make your job easier, so you can focus on more strategic enterprise issues. Not just a benefits broker, we welcome the opportunity to serve as your number one choice for integrated HR solutions--an extension of your own team.

We believe in the value of your employee benefits program. That's why our specialists focus on enhancing clients’ benefits plans, streamlining administration, and increasing employees’ awareness and appreciation of their benefits.

Benefits Portfolio Management

Our Employee Benefits professionals understand that each client is unique, with its own distinct priorities and challenges. We take the time to learn your unique situation to better allow us to find the right solution.

Compliance Solutions

Our compliance solutions feature tools to help your organization comply with federal, state and local labor law. We are here to aid your team in managing all components of employee risk.

Technology Solutions

The human resources and benefits technology marketplace is complex and constantly changing. Technology can deliver substantial value, but only if the right technology is selected and properly implemented.

Administration Solutions

Acting as an extension of your HR Department, we help manage some or all of the essential aspects of the HR function that your existing HR team may not have time or resources to accomplish.

Providing Options for Individuals

When you leave employer group health insurance due to retirement or termination, there are important decisions you need to make regarding your health insurance coverage. We want to inform you of some of the rules and regulations you should be aware of as you move on to the next phase of your life.

Individual healthcare

Meet Our Team

Each of our teams is a blend of uniquely-qualified members with diverse, targeted skill sets built to meet the needs of each client. Team members are dedicated to one team and are led by one team leader, who is a senior member of management and, in many cases, a principal of the firm. This results in our clients having the advantage of long-term continuity of service and a consistent message from your dedicated team.

EB team

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