Unique Clients Mean Unique Solutions

Our Story

Mesirow Wealth Management is the oldest division at Mesirow Financial. We were founded in 1937 by Norman Mesirow with the same purpose and values we have today: to advise individuals and families on the best possible use of their financial resources to support their life goals and do so with the highest standard of professionalism. Nearly 80 years later, our professionals serve a diverse group of clients across the country.

Personalized Attention, Strength and Stability

We are a boutique resource offering highly customized attention and service for our clients. At the same time, we are able to draw on the extensive resources of one of Chicago’s largest privately owned diversified financial services firms. Our clients tell us they prefer working with us instead of the large, publicly traded wealth management firms or the small three person firms that don’t have the full suite of resources they need. With us, they receive the personalized care they seek with the full capabilities and expertise they need across the wealth management spectrum.

Our Independence Yields Objectivity, Confidence and Results

As independent wealth advisors and managers with few external shareholders and no product affiliation, our attention is on our clients. We begin by listening to our client's life story – where they've been, where they're going and how they think about money and wealth. We've learned that our clients have different values, interests and needs regarding their financial resources. We also know that the individuals and families we serve are dynamic in that their ambition and financial needs are always evolving. As such, our role as their lead wealth advisor is to help them make the financial decisions that support their most important life decisions, in collaboration with their other professional advisors.

This includes topics like current and future lifestyle, college education for children and grandchildren, retirement, health and legacy. We treat clients like there's a lot riding on each decision – because there is.