Connections, June 2019

Mesirow Wealth Advisors understands the challenges and pressures that individuals face when trying to manage their personal wealth, throughout the many stages and events of a lifetime. Our wealth advisors and wealth specialists have written these timely, relevant insights with you in mind. We hope you enjoy this edition.

Sending your Child Off to College Soon?

Off to College! A Parent Checklist provides you with five practical tips to help make the transition easier, including the establishment of a medical POA. Read more.

Planning a Wedding?

It's a fact ─ couples in the U.S. are marrying later in life, especially college educated professionals. As a result, both partners have often begun to save, invest, and accumulate assets. Premarital financial planning has therefore become extremely important, and the awkward question must be asked: "How can we protect our assets when entering into marriage without tainting the romance of engagement?" If you, or someone you know, is planning a wedding read more. 

Have You Had "The Talk"?

Family discussions about money are rarely easy. There are often a number of perceived barriers preventing families from having open communication about making financial decisions regarding an aging family member. But the reality is that if we want our children to do well with our assets, we should explain what we are doing and why ─ and sooner rather than later. Read more.