2Q 2019 Market Observation Newsletter

We are pleased to provide you with our 1Q 2019 Market Observation, which shares relevant articles about the current market environment. We hope you enjoy this quarter's edition. As always, if you have questions regarding your account or your financial planning needs, please contact us. 

In Hindsight: How Warby Parker Got Its Start

There is no shortage of young entrepreneurs starting businesses with the goal of disrupting established players. Warby Parker, which sells glasses at a fraction of the cost of traditional designer frames and lenses, is one of the success stories. This interview with the company’s founders covers how a random occurrence – losing a pair of glasses on a plane – led to the founding of the company that now has more than 90 stores, a huge online presence and a reported value of more than $1.7 billion.* Read more.

How a cheap, brutally efficient grocery chain is upending America’s supermarkets

The grocery business has long been a tough and competitive one, and that landscape has become more challenging with Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods and the launch of multiple grocery delivery services. Amid this difficult landscape, Aldi – the German-based discount grocer – is one of the industry's best growth stories. This article dives into the history of the Aldi dating back to its founding in post-war Germany, including the company's surprising link to Trader Joe’s. The article also details how the once-niche grocer, which has long had a presence in the U.S., is carving out a place for itself as one of America’s primary sources for meat, produce and food products.* Read more.

Stay in the Game

In this deeply personal account, the CIO of Albert Bridge Capital, a UK-based investment firm, tells the story of the struggles faced by his son and his family. The story follows a cross-continental journey involving a rescue dog and a chance encounter with an NFL player in the middle of the road. Although this comes from a financial source, this is not a financial story. Rather, it is an important one to hear that has everything to do with life and the importance of staying in the game. Read more.

How to Read Financial News Redux: Process Determines Priorities

“Financial news is a lot like a crying baby: First, there is noise and commotion...Next, we consider the obvious explanations...After that, we’re mystified, so we speculate and hypothesize.”

Following the markets today is both easier and harder than it has ever been before. It is easier because there are more avenues of information than ever – print and television journalism remain dominant primary sources, but there are now also websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and countless other places to get information.

Paradoxically, the incredible amount of information available is also why the financial news is harder than ever to follow: How do we determine what information is good and worthwhile versus that which has no value (or even negative value)?

This article provides tips that the author has developed and picked up from others on how to learn more from what you are reading, without being overwhelmed by information. Read more.


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