1Q 2019 Market Observation Newsletter

We are pleased to provide you with our 1Q 2019 Market Observation, which shares relevant articles about the current market environment. We hope you enjoy this quarter's edition. As always, if you have questions regarding your account or your financial planning needs, please contact us.

Citywire: Mesirow On the Case

Mesirow Wealth Advisors’ investment research and due diligence team was featured in a recent cover story in CityWire magazine. In the interview and article, Director of Research Sumit Desai and Vice President Bob Martin shared their insights with Citywire about the rigorous due diligence process used by the Mesirow Wealth Advisors Investment Committee in the selection and monitoring of select, recommended investment managers across the division. This article provides a behind the scenes look at the ongoing research process at Mesirow that supports the firm’s individual wealth advisors as they build portfolios and manage investments for their clients. Read more.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Domino’s Atoned For Its Crimes Against Pizza and Built a $9 Billion Empire

One of the most surprising technology growth stories of the past decade comes from a decidedly traditional business – pizza delivery. The turnaround formula for Domino’s Pizza's nearly 60 year old business was one part better pizza and one part technological advances. This article from Businessweek provides an interesting case study in how a pairing of product and technology can breathe life into a stagnant business*. Read more.

The Atlantic: Why Technology Favors Tyranny

In a recent Atlantic article adapted from his book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, best-selling author and historian Yuval Noah Harari offers a thought-provoking look at the broader impact of the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recently, the Stockfish 8 Program, which plays the game of Chess using centuries of accumulated human experience, was beaten at the game by Google’s AlphaZero program, which devised Chess strategies using just four hours of machine learning (without any human input)! This sort of machine learning can lead to groundbreaking impacts in fields like medicine and self-driving cars; however, it may also have a profound effect on jobs and even democracy. Here, Harari posits that the growth of democracy may not be inevitable, and that how we choose to treat data and the centralization of information may have long-lasting consequences on the shape of the future. Read more.


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