Advanced Strategies

Our passion is to serve clients. We recognize that the key to being a good partner is our ability to remain flexible and customize programs specific to a client’s needs. Our main priority is to work collaboratively with our investors to create and implement hedge fund solutions best suited for the portfolio utility they are seeking to achieve.

How We Serve Clients

Mesirow Advanced Strategies, Inc. specializes in sourcing niche opportunistic and multi-manager investments to build custom-designed portfolios for qualified institutional investors, including public and private pension funds, banks, hospital and healthcare organizations, insurance companies, corporations and sovereign wealth funds.

Founded in 1990, Mesirow Advanced Strategies is one of the oldest investment advisers for multi-manager hedge fund programs. We also specialize in direct investments in longer-dated opportunities. Our partnership with clients includes developing customized portfolios that are designed to achieve any number of institutional objectives – including diversification, portfolio completion, portfolio hedge, portable alpha, liability-driven investing or volatility dampening. We are headquartered in Chicago with local offices in London and Hong Kong. 

Tailored Investment Solutions

We work with clients to construct portfolios that are best positioned to meet their investment objectives. 

News and Views

You may find our thought leadership valuable when constructing and managing your portfolios. We invite you to read our latest views and insights.

Quick Facts

  • Among the top ten fund of hedge funds managers for pension assets globally
  • Global headquarters in Chicago with local offices in London and Hong Kong
  • Focus on opportunistic and credit investment solutions
  • 67% customized portfolios
  • 94% institutional clients
As of March 31, 2018.
Source: Willis Towers Watson/Financial Times Global Alternatives Survey, July 2017.

Our Competitive Advantages

Specialized Focus on Customized Portfolios

We have worked with our clients to tailor custom investment solutions for more than $5 billion of our assets (67% of the AUM clients have entrusted to us). Customized investment solutions programs vary across the risk/return spectrum and are tailored across a number of other attributes. We built our first customized portfolio in 1990. That client remains invested with us today.

Private, Independent, Employee-Owned Company

Because we (along with other Mesirow-affiliated employees) own our business, we are accountable only to our clients. We do not have unaffiliated shareholders pressuring us to place profitability above client concerns. Our privately held structure allows us to invest the resources to better service our clients through custom portfolios, custom reporting and other services they may need to be accountable to their ultimate clients – the pensioners, sovereigns, hospital systems and others that are counting on them.

Established Philosophy and Seasoned Team

We have employed a disciplined, value-oriented investment approach to hedge fund investing since our inception in 1990. We believe our team of seasoned professionals has the experience needed to recognize when fundamentals dictate portfolio changes to capture opportunities for growth and avoid large losses.

Specialized Focus on Co-Investment and Credit

For clients who are more return-seeking, and who have longer-dated liquidity budgets, we focus on constructing investment portfolios with 3-5 year horizons in the co-investment and credit space. Our co-investments take the best ideas from hedge fund managers, focusing in particular on market dislocations where the supply of capital is low and the risk profile is, in our view, asymmetric. We make our credit investments in accordance with the overall credit cycle, taking long and short positions and complex investments in stressed, distressed and workout opportunities.

Invested Alongside Our Clients – Profiting When Clients Succeed

Alignment of Interests

Mesirow Advanced Strategies is a private, independent organization whose senior investment principals invest their own wealth alongside our clients. As of March 31, 2018, employees, affiliated persons and entities have over $63 million invested in Mesirow Funds.

Meet our team

Employee Retention and Motivation

As partners to one another, our employees operate with accountability, clarity of purpose and reliability. We hire and reward team members who share our passion for client service.

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