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Coronavirus - FX Perspective
A brief overview for investors on how the coronavirus outbreak directly affects the currency risk embedded in their international portfolios. learn more

Mesirow Financial Currency Management’s 2020 Outlook
Learn more about the events that shaped the FX markets in 2019 and what to possibly expect in 2020 in our latest Currency Outlook newsletter. learn more

Amy Middleton, Senior Vice President, Featured in Investments & Wealth Institute
In this article, Amy discusses how intelligent currency factors can create the potential for generating returns. learn more


Joseph Hoffman quoted in Profit & Loss
20 Key Market Events of the last 20 years: #2 – Lehman & the GFC learn more

Joseph Hoffman quoted in Profit & Loss
20 Key Market Events of the last 20 years: #7 – CLS learn more

Mind the Gap: Liquidity Haves and Have Nots
Mesirow’s Michael Zehfuss Joins Panel Discussing Liquidity at the Profit & Loss 2019 Forex Conference. learn more

Joseph Hoffman, CFA Guest Speaker at the 2019 Australian ASI Conference
We’re Proud to Share our Insights: How to Combat High Hedging Costs? learn more

The Money Makers
Joseph Hoffman, CFA discusses the growing demand for currency managers to utilize transaction cost analysis (TCA) tools. learn more

Joseph Hoffman, CFA featured in Profit & Loss Magazine
In this article, Hoffman predicts that over time there will be a consolidation with electronic trading platforms in the FX market. learn more

The US Hedging Advantage
An overview on how to increase currency returns by 2% while reducing risk by 2%, written by Uto Shinohara and Aaron Wham. learn more

Richard Turner and Bob Colehan Were Quoted in European Pensions
They discussed why currency is undergoing a resurgence with investors considering it as a source of alpha. learn more

Amy Middleton, Senior Vice President, Was Featured in European Pensions
In the self-authored article, she discusses why currency is an ideal way to diversify risk within traditional portfolios. learn more

Currency Management Expands Portfolio Management Team in Seattle and London
Aaron Wham helps establish the group’s presence in Seattle and Mike Emambakhsh grows the portfolio management team in London. learn more

Mesirow Financial Was Shortlisted to Win Currency Manager of the Year
The European Pensions Awards honor various firms across Europe that best serve European pension funds. learn more

Talking FX Algos With a Global Industry Leader
Our Currency group was featured in FXAlgoNews magazine discussing a variety of topics, including Mesirow’s currency risk programs and the use of FX algos. learn more

Mesirow Financial Currency Management’s 2019 Outlook
Learn more about the events that shaped the FX markets in 2018 and what to possibly expect in 2019 in our latest Currency Outlook newsletter. learn more


Robert Colehan and Edward Baker Featured in Investments & Wealth Institute
In this article, Robert and Edward discuss the pros and cons related to currency hedging versus not hedging. learn more

Michael DuCharme, CFA featured in Profit & Loss Magazine
In the article, DuCharme examines the challenges associated with firms adopting the FX Global Code of Conduct. learn more

CLS Delivers Lower Costs with Lower Risks
Since its launch in 2002, Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) has grown into the industry standard to mitigate settlement risk in foreign exchange transactions. learn more

Amy Middleton was a Guest Speaker at a PLSA Event in London
In the video, Amy summarizes the potential impact of currency risk in a pension scheme's portfolio and how to mitigate it. learn more

Mesirow’s Ducharme Joins Panel Discussing the FX Code of Conduct
Michael DuCharme, CFA, participated in a Profit & Loss Forex Network Panel titled Is the Global Code of Conduct Working? view photo

Mesirow’s Shinohara Was a Guest Speaker at the Australian ASI Conference
Uto Shinohara, CFA, presented a session titled, Currency Exposed, which focused on the significant and unintended risk of currency. learn more 

Hoffman Featured in the Profit and Loss Q3 Special Report
“It was important to commit to the Code to demonstrate our commitment to these principles and the best interests of our clients,” says Joseph Hoffman, CFA. learn more

Mesirow Shortlisted to Win Risk Management Award
The Irish Pensions Awards give recognition to those who have been dedicated to maintaining high standards of Irish pension provision and fund management. learn more

Mesirow Financial Currency Management Agrees to Acquire Global Alpha Team
The Cambridge Strategy, based in the UK, offers cutting-edge currency alpha strategies for return-seeking investors. learn more

Michael DuCharme, CFA, Featured in e-Forex Discussing Best Execution in FX
“Achieving best execution often means improving existing processes and systems,” says DuCharme. learn more

Joe Hoffman, CFA, Featured in Discussing NDFs
“Unlike a normal forex forward, NDFs don’t physically settle, they net settle. And so, all you are doing is moving your net gain or loss,” says Hoffman. learn more

Joe Hoffman, CEO of Currency Management, Featured in HedgeWeek and Finextra
Hoffman discusses how CLSTradeMonitor helps his team enhance its operational efficiency and minimize risks for clients. learn more

Mesirow Financial’s Currency Management group named Currency Manager of the Year
The Currency Manager of the Year award was presented at the European Pensions Awards 2018 Gala in London. learn more

Uto Shinohara Featured in The Wall Street Journal
Shinohara comments on Argentina’s stock surge following the nation’s upgrade to emerging market status by index provider MSCI. learn more

Currency’s DuCharme, Schrage and Shinohara Quoted in European Pensions
The article explores the many currency investment strategies available to European pension fund investors. learn more

Currency CEO, Joseph Hoffman, CFA, Featured in European Pensions
Hoffman discusses managing currency hedging costs and how unique regional risks can help guide hedging programmes. learn more

Joe Hoffman Discusses Industry FX Misconduct in Bloomberg
“Our goal is really to guard our orders and manage them carefully to reduce that information leaking into the market,” said Joe Hoffman. learn more

Mesirow Financial Expands its Global Currency Management Team
Amy Middleton has joined Mesirow Financial Currency Management as Senior Vice President, performing bespoke portfolio research. learn more

Colorado Fire & Police Hires Mesirow Financial Currency Management
The pension plan hired Mesirow Financial for a $100 million notional currency overlay mandate with a 2% volatility target. learn more

How Investors Can Reduce the Cost of Hedging in Low Interest Rate Environments
We discuss an alternative approach to reducing the cost of hedging within a passive currency overlay. learn more

Mesirow Financial’s Currency Management Group Embraces the FX Global Code of Conduct
By embracing these global standards, Mesirow is dedicated to follow a common set of guidelines and has taken appropriate steps to align its activities with the principles of the code. learn more


Mesirow Financial Expands its Currency Management Group
Michael DuCharme has joined Mesirow Financial Currency Management as Director of Currency Solutions, strengthening the team with his proven success of providing objective and innovative solutions. learn more

Marisa Kurk was featured in FX Week, FX-MM, and Banking Technology magazine
Marisa Kurk, Chief Operating Officer of Mesirow Currency Management, explores best practices in foreign exchange settlement as well as the rise in popularity of the CLS settlement service. learn more

Mesirow Financial Currency Management Hires Joseph Hoffman as CEO
Joseph Hoffman, CFA has joined Mesirow Financial Currency Management as chief executive officer of its Currency Management business, a leading global provider of custom risk solutions, ranging from passive to active currency risk management. learn more

Michael Miranda Participates in FX Invest North America Panel
The event gathered the most influential practitioners and thought leaders to share their insights on the macro events driving markets, structural changes and disruptions within the FX industry, and identifying new trading opportunities. learn more

Marcus Fernandes was a guest speaker at a PLSA teach-in event in London
The event focused on pensions managers, trustees and individuals who want to better understand the foreign exchange market. learn more

Marisa Kurk, Chief Operating Officer, was featured in European Pensions magazine
A currency focus on why pension fund investors need to precisely determine and achieve best execution within FX transactions. learn more

Ripples in the Currency Market: Miranda and Kurk expertise is highlighted
An overview on why managing currency volatility is currently rising up the agenda of pension fund investors. learn more


Senior Vice President, Marcus Fernandes, discusses managing currency risk at a time of economic uncertainty
An overview on various methods investors use to manage currency-related risks, available opportunities within the market, and a summary of regulatory developments. learn more

Currency Insights: Capitalizing on an Embedded Opportunity
Investors with international exposures are becoming more aware of the risks and opportunities in currencies, and implementing various hedging solutions accordingly. learn more

Marisa Kurk, Chief Operating Officer, honored by DePaul University’s 14 under 40
As an alumni of DePaul University, Marisa was recognized in the 2016 edition of the school’s 14 under 40. learn more

Chief Investment Officer, Michael Miranda, discusses custodial trends in a new regulatory environment
In the wake of regulatory changes, Michael Miranda, CFA, shares his views on the use of custodial and prime brokerage services versus specialist currency managers. learn more

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