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Mesirow Financial provides institutional investors with access to compelling direct investment opportunities in the real estate market.

About Us

Our experienced professionals provide institutional investors with access to compelling direct investment opportunities in the real estate market. Following our investment strategy, we seek to generate attractive returns on a risk-adjusted basis by targeting opportunities in all phases of the real estate life cycle.


Our objective is to provide investors with meaningful value appreciation through the proven application of our investment strategies. We aim to accomplish this goal by creating unique portfolios of real estate assets that are diversified by asset type (multifamily, industrial, office and retail), geography and investment type (core, core-plus, value-added and joint venture development).

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Sustainable Investing

MFDRE is committed to incorporating environmental, social and governance considerations throughout our investment processes.  For more information, please check out our Sustainble Investing Policies. 


Meet Our Team

Our Direct Investment team has worked together for more than a decade, successfully managing real estate portfolios through a variety of real estate cycles.

Benefits of Working With Us


Strong relationships developed over the investment team's combined 145 years in the industry managing large institutional real estate portfolios through several real estate cycles.

Proactive Asset Management

Customized asset management approach that emphasizes proactive deal sourcing and hands-on asset management, which we believe is crucial to the mandated objectives and investment success of our clients.

Client Focus

Commitment to providing superior client service, including comprehensive investment information, education and support as well as participating and investing alongside our clients.

Broad Resources

Access to the resources of a larger organization, enabling the investment team to concentrate on building and managing portfolios and delivering outstanding client service.

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Have questions or need more information? Contact us at 800.453.0600 or send us a message.

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