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Mesirow Fiduciary Solutions is an industry leader in providing plan level fiduciary services through retirement plan providers. We are committed to providing multiple solutions to help plan providers, plan sponsors and advisors successfully achieve their intended investment outcome.

About Us

We understand the risks and challenges that come with offering a retirement plan. As a pioneer of outsourced fiduciary services, we have experience in developing complex fiduciary partnership programs customized for each of our provider partners and delivered to plan sponsors and advisors through a simple, flexible program.


Our team offers a comprehensive set of services and capabilities, designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our partners.

Meet Our Team

Learn more about our senior leaders, business development and relationship management professionals. 

Mesirow named 3(38) fiduciary for Everyday 401(k) by J.P.Morgan

JPMorgan Chase recently announced the launch of Everyday 401(k) by J.P.Morgan, giving the firm's thousands of small business clients and their employees the ability to simply plan, save and invest for retirement. 


All plans will have a single investment menu that is created and monitored by Mesirow Fiduciary Solutions, which serves as an independent fiduciary under Section 3(38) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.


Mesirow is not affiliated with J.P.Morgan or its affiliates.
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3(21) and 3(38) Fiduciary Partnership Services

Mesirow Fiduciary Solutions can help make retirement plan fiduciary responsibility more manageable through a customized, consultative approach for all parties impacted by this obligation. Learn more about our 3(21) and 3(38) Fiduciary Partnership Service. 

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News and Events

3Q 2020 Market Commentary

Gain timely and valuable insights into recent performance and trends in the economy and capital markets.

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The Convergence of Value and Growth: newly published on

Both fundamental and quantitative investors argue that the spread between value and growth stocks is at all-time highs. Depending on the reference frame, either growth stocks are overhyped or the value stocks lag...but which one?

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Stable Value Market Update

The stable value market has experienced healthy inflows as retirement plan participants migrate away from equity market volatility. Read more about how recent market conditions are impacting stable value products.

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Benefits of Working With Us

Legal Protection

Mesirow will perform and defend its duties and obligations with respect to investment option monitoring in compliance with ERISA. Indemnification for plan sponsors and advisors is not subject to a liability cap.

Flexibility of Solutions

Our easy-to-qualify 3(21) solution helps plan sponsors meet their 404(c) diversification requirements. Our 3(38) solution allows plan sponsors to choose a defined lineup or develop a customized lineup.


Mesirow is a pioneer of third-party fiduciary solutions. By utilizing our PrecisionAlpha® process, a proprietary manager selection methodology, we can more accurately account for a manager’s true potential for success and active level of risk.

Sales and Marketing Support

A dedicated key account manager works closely with you to build a successful partnership. We offer customized training programs that include presentations on our fiduciary solutions, as well as relevant industry topics.

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* Neither principal nor the underlying assets of target date investments are guaranteed at any time, including the target date, and investment risk remains at all time. There is no assurance that the recommended asset allocation will either maximize returns or minimize risk or be the appropriate allocation in all circumstances for every investor with a particular time horizon.