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Mesirow Financial Offers Fiduciary Automation Service Technology (Mesirow Financial FAST®) to Assist Broker-Dealers with Fiduciary Programs

CHICAGO, June 26, 2019 – Mesirow Financial announces a technology and fiduciary automation solution for broker-dealers to assist with their fiduciary management. Cetera® Financial Group has signed on to become the initial partner. Launched in response to the needs of the broker-dealer community, Mesirow Financial Fiduciary Automation Service Technology (Mesirow Financial FAST®) provides broker-dealers the same robust automation and compliance engine that Mesirow uses to service its own 3(21) and 3(38) outsourced fiduciary service clients.

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Vincent Vicidomini Shares Insights on Best Practices for Retirement Plan Investment Array Finalization

Vincent Vicidomini, Senior Vice President with Mesirow Financial shared his insights into Investment array finalization best practices during the annual Conversion and Implementation Team Leader Roundtable hosted by EACH Enterprise, a two-day conference at Mesirow Financials’ headquarters in Chicago.

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Semi-Annual Retirement Advisor Council Conference

Vincent Vicidomini, a vice president with Mesirow Financial, shared his insights into how current market conditions are impacting QDIA investment selection options and trends in the 3(38) outsourced fiduciary space during a panel discussion at the Semi-Annual Retirement Advisor Council Conference in Phoenix, AZ. 

2018 Excel 401(k) Advisor Conference

Future Trends in Retirement Planning was a panel discussion at the 2018 Excel 401(k) Advisor Conference, where Vincent Vicidomini shared his insights into how recent trends in retirement planning may impact advisors, plan sponsors, and plan participants. The retirement world has been experiencing dramatic change over the past decade, with ever-evolving nuances that players in this marketplace must keep pace with to be able to continue to compete.

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