Our Services

Fiduciary Partnership Services

Our clients leverage our team's experience to help make their retirement plan fiduciary responsibility more manageable

  • ERISA 3(21) – "Help Me Do It"
  • ERISA 3(38) – "Do It For Me"

Custom Target Date Portfolios

Plan participants may select an investment strategy that has been custom designed from the existing plan lineup.

  • Custom target date and risk-based models are available.¹

Mesirow Financial FAST®

Broker-dealers leverage our technology to provide a framework for their fiduciary programs.

  • We integrate a broker-dealer's proprietary due diligence methodology to implement flexible investment lineups through multiple recordkeepers.

Stable Value Due Diligence

Independent due diligence experts at Mesirow Financial provide intelligence on a comprehensive list of stable value and money market options

  • Product comparison portal
  • Due diligence report (Mesirow Financial POLICE Report® )

Asset Allocation

Based on our clients' unique needs, our traditional, target date models, risk-based models, or custom glidepaths offer plan participants investment options tailored to their risk tolerance.

Retirement Income

For clients who desire retirement income investment options, we integrate traditional products and advanced retirement income products.

  • We optimize product and asset allocation selection.

Manager Due Diligence

Experts at Mesirow Financial review investment option lineups using PrecisionAlpha® analysis.

  • "Best in breed" investment option list
  • Due diligence report (Mesirow Financial POLICE Report®)

IRA/HSA Capabilities

Investors may select an investment strategy for their IRA or HSA based on our best ideas within an open architecture investment universe.

Investment Mapping

Plan sponsors and advisors leverage our expertise to map for replacement funds or entire platform lineups.