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3(21) and 3(38) Fiduciary Partnership Services

Mesirow Financial Investment Strategies can help make retirement plan fiduciary responsibility more manageable through a customized, consultative approach for all parties impacted by this obligation. Learn more about our 3(21) and 3(38) Fiduciary Partnership Service. 

Our fiduciary partnership services

Our Services

3(21) “Help me do it”

Mesirow’s 3(21) Fiduciary Partnership Service provides you with the Elite List – a broad menu of approved funds across many asset classes on a provider’s platform for which Mesirow takes fiduciary responsibility.

3(38) “Do it for me”

Under the 3(38) Fiduciary Partnership Service, Mesirow takes full discretion for selecting, monitoring and, if necessary, replacing investment options within the plan lineup. These Discretionary Investment Option Lineups are built by Mesirow to match a wide range of plan demographics.

Custom Target Date/Target Risk Portfolios

Our custom target date and target risk portfolios use best-in-class funds already existing within a plan lineup to provide a simple investment strategy for retirement plan participants, without the drawback of off-the-shelf products.

Custom Glide Path Construction

Our customized glide path solutions are tailored to the specific demographics of a retirement plan to better match the risk tolerance and intended outcome for the participants.

Investment Mapping

If a plan provider change occurs, existing investment options may be mapped over to like asset classes on the new provider or record keeper’s platform. This is a fiduciary function that Mesirow is able to provide when this change occurs.

Strategic and Dynamic Portfolios

Our Strategic and Dynamic Portfolios are designed to help our partners manage risk and maximize return using diversified portfolios across a comprehensive set of asset classes.

Retirement Income

We have carefully constructed a retirement income framework that seeks to optimize both the product allocation and asset allocation for traditional investment products and advanced retirement income products.

Stable Value Due Diligence

The independent due diligence experts on the Investment Strategies team provide a detailed due diligence report on various stable value products used widely in retirement plans.

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