Financial Services for Nonprofit Organizations

We appreciate the vital role that nonprofit organizations play in building and strengthening communities, and we take pride in our long history of helping nonprofit clients navigate their unique opportunities and risks. Our goal is to deliver effective, cost-efficient solutions, so you can focus on what you do best: provide much-needed services and support to communities.

Managing Your Investments and Debt Financing

We understand the unique investment portfolio challenges that nonprofit organizations face when balancing the need for asset growth, liquidity, and security of principal. We partner with your organization to understand your goals, and then together we develop a plan to integrate your investment strategy with your mission.

Our Public Finance team offers creative, tailored solutions to nonprofit organizations including strategic planning, financial risk and debt management, and tax-exempt and taxable transaction structuring. Our team maintains a strong and trusted relationship with each client and is successful in identifying debt management options that will meet our clients’ needs.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

We specialize in helping nonprofit organizations manage their liabilities while simultaneously improving the effectiveness of their retirement plans.  As your partner, we strengthen your team by providing specialized knowledge, unbiased advice and truly customized solutions.

Our partner, Alliant/Mesirow, gives you the power to attract and retain valuable members of your nonprofit organization by creating a customized, competitive and well-communicated employee benefits program. These programs also provide a vehicle to reward employees for their commitment to your organization. Alliant/Mesirow's benefit specialists focus on enhancing clients’ benefits plans, streamlining administration, and increasing employees’ awareness and appreciation of their benefits through the use of technology and by leveraging long standing relationships with top insurance carriers.

Protecting Your Organization

Nonprofits and their board members have unique exposures. Our partner, Alliant/Mesirow, has specialty property and casualty practice expertise, which allows them to structure cost-effective insurance programs to align with your goals. They have significant market presence with access to insurance companies and specialty programs, and long-standing relationships that enable negotiating leverage for their clients. In addition, their integrated claims and loss control teams have expertise working with nonprofits. Through their team approach with dedicated specialists, Alliant/Mesirow is able to provide exceptional service and attention to nonprofit risk management needs. 


For more information about how Mesirow Financial can help your nonprofit organization, please contact Chris Wheatley at 312.595.8248.

Mesirow Financial maintains a financial interest in and a strategic partnership with Alliant/Mesirow Insurance Services.