Our Market Position

Mesirow Financial is well capitalized and has been consistently profitable, with capital of $331 million and revenues totaling $333 million for fiscal 2019. As of September 30, 2019, we had assets under management and assets under advisory broken down as follows: 

Total assets under management* September 30, 2019
Currency Management - Core $90.6 billion
Currency Management - Alpha $3.2 billion
Fixed Income - Core Bond $2.9 billion
Fixed Income - High Yield $1.0 billion
Investment Strategies $12.9 billion
Wealth Advisors $5.2 billion
Private Equity $4.7 billion
Institutional Real Estate – Direct $2.6 billion
Equity Management $0.6 billion
Retirement Planning and Advisory $0.3 billion


Total assets under advisory $36.7 billion as of June 30, 2019
Investment Strategies $28.1 billion
Retirement Planning and Advisory $6.6 billion**
Wealth Advisors $2.0 billion**

 *As of 9.30.19 unless otherwise noted. Real Estate assets under management are as of 6.30.19 and include regulatory assets under management (gross asset value plus unfunded commitments). Private Equity assets under management are as of 6.30.19 and are calculated by adding uncalled commitments and net asset value as of a period end. The most recent data for Real Estate and Private Equity is preliminary and estimated. Mesirow Financial Currency Management AUM reflects assets under management for both currency risk management products (passive and active management) and alpha and macro products. Risk management product AUM reflects the total foreign currency portfolio exposure of passive and active clients’ underlying portfolios allocated to the Currency Division of Mesirow Financial. Alpha and macro product AUM reflect the client’s total investment amount in the alpha and macro strategies of the Currency Division of Mesirow Financial, which is calculated based on an annualized 2% volatility target.

**Data may be on a 45- to 90-day lag due to confirming away assets.

Note: Totals may not add due to rounding