Financial Risk Management

Companies must understand the financial impact of risk and risk transfer on their bottom line. Our financial risk management experts can quantify and analyze that impact. Using various analysis methods, we structure the most cost effective insurance program for you.

Our experts provide assistance in the areas of:

Cost of Risk Allocation
It can be easier to manage resources when the total cost of risk is allocated by operational lines.

Captive Insurance Company Feasibility
If it is possible to utilize a captive facility, we guide you through the feasibility study, formation and monitoring of the captive program.

Loss Forecasts
We prepare loss analyses that forecast losses and estimate future liabilities.

Variability Analysis
We help quantify the probability that losses may be worse than expected based on your actual loss experience.

Retention Analysis
We help determine if self-insuring a portion of your insurance risks will help control costs. If so we devise the appropriate, cost-effective maximum self-insured retention.